JCI Nalukody Comemmorated Women’s Day with different programs. JCI Nalukody honoured the entire women of the chapter under the Jaycerette wing as a part of the International Women’s Day celebrations held on 08-03-2017. Jcrt Bincy Dennis was the Programme Director for the entire Women’s Day Programs. Jaycerrette wing with the support of JCI Nalukody decided to conduct three programs on this Women’s day. Jaycerrets visit and donation of lunch to St. Geramias Poor home, Women Empowerment Skill Development Seminar to the women students of St. Rita’s School of Nursing and presentation of Pancha Ratna Awards to 5 non-Jaycee women.

Visit and Donation of Lunch to Poor Girls Orphanage

Jaycerette wing of JCI Nalukody as part of its women’s day celebration decided to donate one day lunch for the inmates of St. Geramias Poor home. There were 28 girls (students) as the inmates. Jaycerettes decided to prepare the food as parcel and supply to the girls. Jaycerettes prepared the food at their own houses with a common menu as decided previously. A disposable food container was also supplied to the residences of Jaycerettes and they parceled the food into common container. Hence a uniformity was maintained. Jaycerettes visited the orphanage and supplied fruits and some pens, pencils etc also to the students, Jcrt Mareena Vijay who is lecturer in Assumption College, Changanacherry conducted a motivation/exam preparation training to the girls.

Women Empowerment Skill Development Training.

On Womens Day JCI Nalukody conducted Women Empowerment Skill Development Training to nursing students of St. Rita’s Nursing School, Nalukody. First lady of the zone and National Trainer Jc Divya Madhu Conducted the training on the topic “Manners and Etiquettes”. 61 nursing students attended the training. Principal and students who participated in the training appreciated the trainer Jc Divya Madhu and JCI Nalukody for arranging the excellent training. Principal also issued a letter of Appreciation for conducting the training.


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