Karunya Sparsham- Paliative Care Project

A mega Paliative care project was inaugurated on 17.01.2017 by Sri Sibichen Abraham, Member, Paippad Grama Panchayath. The project, a UNSDG program-Health and wellness, is conducted by JCI Nalukody in association with Paippad Grama Panchayath,Pushpagiri Medical College and Matha Medicals Nalukody. The project delivers free medical support to 42 bedridden patients in Paippad Panchayath area. A medical team from Pushpagiri Medical College attends the patients and the medicines and other medical aids are freely provided by JCI Nalukody to the patients by JCI Nalukody. Medicines are provided from Matha Medicals at a discounted rate and other expenses of the project are met by a weekly contribution from JCI Nalukody members.The inauguration ceremony of Karunya Sparsham was widely covered by Printed and visual medias.