PUNARJANI – Plastic Project.

JCI Nalukody continues its prestigious National Award Winning project “PUNARJANI – Waste Plastic Eradication project” a UNSDG Programme this year also. This year JCI Nalukody plans to enlarge the area of coverage of this
project from Paippad Grama Panchayath to Madapally Block Panchayath area.To present the suggestion of enlarging the area of coverage, JCI Nalukody President was invited to the Madapally Block Panchayath Council. President elect presented about the project in detail.JCI Nalukody collected waste plastics at its four established collection
centres on 11.12.2016 and 08.01.2017 (Second Sundays) between 10am -12 noon.6 tons of Plastic wastes were dispatched to Recycling units on 08.01.2017 from JCI Nalukody’s plastic collection storage centre.